Koyan Kamera

Link to Koyan Kamera

Do you have a problem with GM built-in camera settings? Writing camera code is complicating and annoying to you? Then look no further my friend!

I've made a camera(Kamera) project for GameMaker 2.3+ that does not need anything but itself, and you DON'T need to write any code. No code needed, just pick a Target object then put this bad boy inside a room and, Wuala! You are ready to go!

It provides your necessary needs, and it even has its own functions made in "global" so you can access and tweak the settings of it anywhere and anytime. It's easy to understand and use! It uses Koyan's State System, so you are free to do whatever my friend! You can change any input or states as your liking, it's pretty stable and easy. Enjoy 🖤🤍