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Parallel Execution for GameMaker 2022.5+

Quick Disclaimer!

This is not "true multithreading". This is merely allowing code to be broken down and spread across several of frames, as oppose to having a massive for loop and manipulating lots of data all within a step.

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Allows multiple execution of functions/methods or block of codes, with arguments provided optionally! This is done by having a handy dandy time_source implementation and custom function to execute functions with arguments (as script_execute_ext only works for GML functions and methods, not runtime functions.) SimThreads has two major kinds of support: Direct calling a method and passing in a function/method with arguments.

The use cases for SimThreads allows one to basically push any sort of function/functions and process each set of functions over the next couple of frames.

This can be applied to concepts such as:

-Reading/Writing from data structures/buffers/arrays
-World Gen
-Saving/Loading (within reason)
-Anything that could be processed over the course of a couple frames.