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Do you want to do batch operations on 3D objects for use in GameMaker (or for other purposes)? Here's a tool which does just that!


  • Import 3D models: D3D / GMMOD (GameMaker), OBJ, FBX, DAE, GLTF/GLB, 3DS, PLY/PLYB, or STL
  • Export 3D models: the same formats as above, or a raw vertex buffer for fast loading (use buffer_load in GameMaker), or a collection of vertex buffers that can be loaded with the provided import scripts
  • Bulk operations: applying transformations, mirroring texture coordinates, rotating the Up axis, and a bunch of other thing
  • Vertex formats: define vertex formats to export models as - in case your game uses a format besides the normal position/normal/texture/color
  • Textures maps: load in textures for models
  • Mesh normals: set flat normals or smooth normals (within a tolerance)
  • Collision shapes: which can be exported alongside the visible models